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ʻĀINA School Highlight Lanikai Elementary’s Waste Reduction Success

May 19, 2015

At the start of this semester Lanikai Public Charter School acquired five Pipeline PODs for vermicomposting, placed around the mulberry tree just outside the cafeteria and dubbed them the “Mulberry Gang.”  Small worm colonies slowly grew while reducing the school’s cafeteria waste. Together with Big Blue, Lanikaiʻs original 10 foot worm pipeline, the worms are currently processing an average of 150 pounds of food cafeteria waste per week.  So far, a total of 4,633 lbs. of waste has been recovered. With the help of Mindy Jaffe of Waikiki Worm Co., Lanikai also piloted a comprehensive waste collection system called “Sorting Sam.” The system involves adapting a trash bin with collection receptacles for recyclable paper, plastic containers, food waste and non-compostable items. This school is proud to announce they are 100% Waste-Free!