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3R's Schools

The following schools particiapte in the 3R's School Recycling Program. They have all made commitments to REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE on their school campuses.

Sunset Beach Elementary School

Haleʻiwa, Oʻahu

SBES joined the ʻĀINA In Schools program in 2006. Volunteer parents and donors support the schools’ healthy snack program.

Program Participation
  • Eco Explorers: Finding Eco Solutions through Campaigning on Campus
  • Outdoor Classroom No Child Left Behind
  • Sun Power
  • Beach Buddies
  • Scrap the Cap
  • Bucket Gardens
  • Plant a Card in Your Yard
  • Reusable Water Bottles
Nutrition Education
  • 'ĀINA Nutrition Lessons
Garden-Based Learning
  • 'ĀINA Garden Lessons
  • 'ĀINA Garden Club
  • Fruit Tree Orchard
Healthy Food on Campus
  • Fresh Choice Salad Bar
  • 'ĀINA Kine Healthy Snack Program supported by parent volunteers
  • 'ĀINA Kine Student Farmers' Market (2009 - 2012)
Agricultural Literacy
  • Farm Field Trips: Waihuena Farm, Tin Roof Ranch, Kahuku Farms
  • Chef Visits: Chef Nina Beatty
Waste Reduction
  • 3R's School Recycling Program
  • 'ĀINA Composting Lessons, Vermicomposting and Traditional Composting
  • Cafeteria Waste Audit
  • Aloha ʻĀina Recycling Drive, November 2013
Family and Community Outreach
  • “Bag It” screening, November 2011
  • “Truck Farm” screening, January 2012
  • "Ingredients" screening, March 2013
  • 'ĀINA In Schools featured in school newsletters
  • ʻĀINA Team recruits parent volunteers at school events