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August 16, 2023


Our hearts are broken with the destruction on Maui. In times of great sorrow, we find hope in witnessing  the power of community. In this email, you will find a list of organizations working with and for the people of Maui. Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation Co-Founder, Jack Johnson, shared a video to our friends on Maui that you can watch here. 

Below are verified organizations that are working tirelessly to provide immediate disaster and food relief as well as long-term assistance to communities on Maui. Any donation is greatly appreciated. You can also read through this Hawaiʻi Wildfire Recovery and Resilience Guide for more resources.

Organizations Funding Overall Community Support: 

Organizations Working to Feed the Impacted Communities of Maui 

  • Common Ground Collective - a local Maui food security non-profit, currently leading the effort to provide 8000 meals daily for shelters across Maui

  • Maui Food Bank - working to provide food, for both immediate assistance and long-term community needs

  • Chef Hui - working with World Central Kitchen, local partners and chefs to take in donations & purchase from local farmers to prepare thousands of meals each day

  • Maui Hub - Maui’s local food hub, assisting with connecting food to families and meal preparation efforts

Organizations Working on Disaster Relief:

  • Maui United Way - providing direct relief to individuals and families affected by the fire, and supporting local non-profit response efforts

There are also several GoFundMe campaigns and Venmo collections providing Direct Support to Families of Lāhainā Displaced by Fires. This account on social media, @lahaina_ohana-venmo,  also shares the venmo of families impacted by the fire. If you feel inclined to support a family directly, we encourage you to do so. 

Benefit Events to Support Maui: 

Several benefit events are in the works and more will be announced soon. Here are two coming up next week:

Maui Fundraiser Dinner

Sunday, August 20th


Mud Hen Water

$150 per guest. 100% of proceeds will be donated to Hawaiʻi Community Foundation- Maui Strong and the Maui Foodbank. Tickets here.


Maui Ola: A Benefit Concert for Maui

Sunday August 20th


Hawaiʻi Island: Parker Ranch Shopping Center & Oʻahu: Great Lawn Bishop Museum 

100% of ticket proceeds are donated to support Maui.


Maui Mana - Wildfire Relief Benefit Concert

Live entertainment will be featured along with live auctions as well as an online auction. If you would like to donate please click on the sponsor form.

Saturday, August 26th


D’lish at the Beach

5440 Edgewater Drive, 

Ewa Beach, HI 96706

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