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About KHF Mini-Grants

Teachers from Hawai’i public schools can apply for mini-grants to help advance their environmental education goals. Previous grantees have used KHF funds for garden supplies, eco-footprint workshops, vermicompost trainings, and more.

Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation Mini-Grants assist Hawai’i public school teachers in paying for supplies and trainings for their classroom environmental education initiatives of up to $200 per teacher or $1,000 per school.

Click here to get started! Application deadline is March 1, 2017

Hawaiʻi Youth Sustainability Challenge
Hawaiʻi students and teachers are invited to participate in the Hawaiʻi Youth Sustainability Challenge (HYSC), an initiative to inspire all youth to be intentionally engaged around our environment to become leaders and stewards of Hawaiʻi. The HYSC will provide students with the opportunity to apply for mini-grants to plan, design, prototype, and test their own small scale innovative and creative sustainability ideas and projects for their schools and communities. HYSC projects must be student-driven, Hawaiʻi specific, and with the potential to be scaled up for a larger impact project addressing the following:
1) Change you want to see in your school or community to support Hawaiʻi's goal of achieving a sustainable future
2) Your environmental passions and desire for environmental education
3) Your motivation to make change for your school and community

Use the KHF Mini-Grant online application portal to get started!

HYSC Application Details:
* Deadline for the HYSC Mini-Grant application is JANUARY 29, 2017. No applications will be accepted after this date.
* HYSC mini-grants range from $150 - $1,000 per project application. (No more than $1,000 will be awarded per school. 0
* Awarded applicants will have checks made payable to and mailed directly to their schools, with 10% held until all project reporting documentation is received.
* Hawaiʻi K-12 public, private, and charter schools are eligible to apply.
* HYSC applications should be completed and submitted by student lead with the help of a teacher advisor. (Exceptions will be made for younger grade levels).

HYSC Applicants can submit their project ideas in the following ways:
Individually Powered Projects – One (1) student and one (1) teacher advisor working together
Group Powered Projects – Multiple students working together with one (1) student leader and one (1) teacher advisor. More than one teacher may collaborate on a project, but there should be one lead teacher advisor
School Collaboration Powered Projects – Two (2) or more schools are allowed and encouraged to collaborate on projects. There should be one (1) student leader and one (1) teacher advisor. More than one teacher may collaborate on a project, but there should be one lead teacher advisor

* HYSC Mini-Grants are to be used to purchase supplies or services for planning, designing, prototyping, and testing projects which inspire students and the local community to better connect with nature and take care of Hawaiʻi and its natural resources.

Click here for the Hawaiʻi Youth Sustainability Challenge Program Overview

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