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3R’s School Recycling

March 03, 2020
More and more schools are taking time to learn about our impacts on the earth, and how we can do better through reducing our waste. We want to highlight two schools that have gone above and beyond to do research, collect data, and find solutions to improve their campus recycling and reduce food waste at their school, respectively. Mahalo to Hawaiʻi Baptist Academy for tackling the challenge of effective school recycling and reducing contamination. A dedicated group of fourth graders have been hard at work investigating problems with recycling participation, conducting interviews, brainstorming solutions, and educating themselves and their entire school on the correct way to recycle in Hawaiʻi. Mahalo Hawaiʻi Baptist Academy Elementary for becoming a Kōkua 3Rs School, and allowing us to support your enthusiastic student/staff efforts!
Waiau Elementary has a tremendous group of 5th graders that have been studying their waste at home, and now on their campus. KHF helped two 5th grade classes conduct a week-long lunch waste study in their cafeteria. Mahalo to the teachers, custodians, cafeteria staff, and awesome 16 students that helped collect data on over 1,500 meals! These students and teachers will be reviewing the analyzed data and brainstorming ways that they can increase the consumption of food, brainstorm ways to get food and milk waste to pigs or composting, as well as share their results with the school administration. Mahalo Waiau Elementary for doing an incredible job and working toward less lunch waste!
Campus recycling programs and waste audits are a great way for students and school staff to engage around topics of waste reduction and resource conservation. If you are interested in creating a recycling program or conducting a waste audit at your school, contact [email protected].