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ʻĀINA In School Highlights

May 04, 2022

As the school year comes to an end ʻĀINA In Schools students are beginning to reap the benefits of their hard work, harvest parties are around the corner! Kindergartenerʻs are harvesting their Tops & Bottoms Garden and trying their tasty self-grown lettuce, carrots, radishes and beans. Combining their senses to learn how different parts of plants look, feel, and taste. 1st graders have taken the time to learn about natureʻs elements and how they affect plant growth in their Good Buddy Garden; their carrots and radishes are starting to pop and ready for tasting, plated with their garden-grown lettuce, tomatoes, and nasturtium flowers. 3rd graders have finished harvesting their compost from their aerobic, vermicompost, and bokashi systems and are now wrapping up a poster presentation to teach their fellow classmates what they've learned from ‘ĀINA in Schools Compost curriculum. 4th graders continue to care for their native plants in the Hawaiian Garden, they are also harvesting their ʻuala and kalo and enjoying a tasty snack from their garden grown staple crops. 5th graders have studied their bush beans in their Scientific Garden closely for the whole semester and are wrapping up their conclusions on how vermicast and mulch benefit a garden. Did their hypothesis match their conclusions? Weʻll find out! Check out these ʻĀINA Videos on Observation & Data Collection in the Garden, Harvesting Root Crops, Seed Saving, and don't forget to sing The Harvest Song!

2nd and 6th graders are becoming nutrition experts. 2nd graders are becoming Label Detectives and are learning how to read food labels and spot caution foods to avoid. 6th graders are beginning their Media Blitz journey and discovering how advertisements try to influence their food choices, with their new knowledge in advertising and marketing they will turn the tables and create their own advertising for close to the source foods.