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ʻĀINA In Schools

June 01, 2021

This past school year we spent time to reflect, review and restructure our ʻĀINA In Schools program for the 2021-2022 school year. KHF will continue to support our ʻĀINA Schools as well as teachers from other schools across the state that would like to utilize the ʻĀINA Garden, Nutrition, and Compost Curriculum. Be on the lookout for future ʻĀINA Educator Trainings both online and in person. Mahalo to everyone who completed our survey and provided valuable feedback to help guide our program review! 

Doing lesson planning over the summer? Check out our ʻĀINA Resources page where you can find curriculum, student workbooks, ʻĀINA Videos, blogs, the Hawaiian Harvest Toolkit, and other fun educational tools!