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ʻĀINA In Schools Updates

December 02, 2021

ʻĀINA In Schools gardens are in full bloom! Kindergarteners are experiencing the life cycle of a butterfly, observing the butterflies emerge from their chrysalis in their Butterfly Garden! First graders are collecting data in their Little Seeds, Big Plants gardens by measuring the growth of their sunflowers and beans. In the Three Sisters Garden, corn, beans and squash are thriving and students are continuing to learn about indigenous practices and companion planting! In Nutrition, second graders are being Whole Grain Investigators and learning about whole and processed grains, while the grade 6 students are being Label Detectives and learning how to identify red flag ingredients. In the Composting Lessons, students are caring for their worm bins and learning about decomposition. Mahalo to all of the teachers for being flexible and creative- it is amazing to see the gardens and students flourish!