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ʻĀINA School Highlight: Haleiwa Elementary

January 04, 2021

At Haleʻiwa Elementary School in addition to ʻĀINA In Schools Nutrition Lessons, 2nd graders are witnessing the magic of the butterfly life cycle inside their classroom and out! Their fascination with caterpillars and butterflies started when a caterpillar made its way into their classroom from the crown flower tree outside. Since then the class has been collecting caterpillars and watching them metamorphose into a butterfly.  “I think we've released more than 30 butterflies!”, says Gr. 2 teacher Ms. Lee. “We've started an inquiry with questions, observations, journaling, art, and they even created a habitat for their caterpillar made out of index cards, recycled boxes, masking tape and duct tape. The distance learners have picked up caterpillars and crown flower leaves to do their learning at home. The face to face kids have also taken their caterpillars home to observe. Ms. Lee’s next project funded by a Kokua Hawai’i Foundation Project Grant is to build a simple school green house to begin growing veggies and flowers for their spring garden that all teachers at Haleiwa Elementary School will be able to utilize for their spring gardens.

Take a look at the Butterfly Garden curriculum. You can follow along with the garden activities by downloading the Butterfly Garden Student Workbook that includes the pre- and post-unit survey, take home letters, student worksheets, guided notes, and class data sheets.