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Hawaiʻi Island School Garden Teacher Training with Kū ʻĀina Pā

August 05, 2019

Are you a teacher? Are you on Hawaiʻi Island? If so, and you are interested in a garden training through Mālaʻai: The Culinary Garden of Waimea Middle School, Kū ʻĀina Pā 2019 welcomes you to join them Friday, August 30th - Monday, September 2nd!

Their four-day training is designed to give participants experience, practical tools, and skills to create and maintain a vibrant, resilient outdoor classroom and to teach in a safe and engaging way while connecting hands-on experiences to core curriculum. They will address four fundamental components of teaching and learning in a school garden as identified in the The Hawai‘i School Garden Curriculum Map (HIGCM): A Sense of Place, Living Soil and Living Plant, Nourishment, and Nature’s Design. Register now for Kū ʻĀina Pā  2019  or contact Amanda if you are interested in participating in this school garden training!