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In Solidarity

July 02, 2020

Each summer we take the time to reflect and report out on our programs and share how we continue to pursue our mission to support environmental education in Hawaiʻi schools and communities. 2020 has brought many unexpected challenges and simultaneously has exposed deep rooted systemic issues our society needs to confront head on. The Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation represents a diverse and dynamic community of volunteers, staff and partners that bring together our hands, our voices and our actions to create a socially and environmentally just world. KHF stands against racism and supports all black, brown, and indigenous communities and voices in their struggles for equity, sovereignty, and health. We uphold the truth that Black Lives Matter and will continue to better inform ourselves as we deepen our commitment to making our planet a safer and more just place for all peoples. We recognize that environmental education is directly related to civil rights, and both social and environmental justice. Authentic environmental education must also recognize and work against environmental racism. We stand in solidarity and advocate for actions and policies that overturn the many injustices happening in our communities and the natural environment. While our context here in Hawaiʻi is unique, our differences from the U.S. continent do not give us leeway to ignore the consistent systemic injustices inflicted upon the Hawaiian, refugee, and immigrant populations of Hawaiʻi. Mahalo for standing with us as we ALL stand together in this historical moment of universal change!