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Kamiloʻiki Student Tackle Plastic Pollution

February 04, 2020

This month we would like to highlight this group of fifth graders from Kamiloʻiki Elementary School in Hawaiʻi Kai, who are taking on the issue of plastic pollution and how it affects us as individuals, as community members, and global citizens. They are taking the time to interview community members who work in waste and plastic reduction asking questions like:

  • How does plastic affect living organisms?

  • How has plastic changed the environment?

  • What can we do to reduce our plastic waste?

  • Is plastic sometimes good to use or not?

  • What are people doing to stop plastic pollution in oceans? 

  • What could our group do to help stop plastic pollution at our school?

  • What do you do to stop plastic pollution?

  • How effective is recycling?

  • Is there anywhere that recycles plastic?

  • Are there any plans for getting rid of school plastic utensils? 


Mahalo to this group of young women who are asking important questions to better understand the impacts of plastics on our lives and the world in which we all live. We encourage all ages of readers and the eco-curious to reflect on the questions above.