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KHF Haleʻiwa Property Update

June 01, 2020

We’re excited to announce that Patagonia recently awarded KHF a grant to support removing invasive species from the Kōkua Learning Farm and installing irrigation. KHF was also just awarded a grant from the Kaulunani Urban & Community Forestry Program which will help us to plant a variety of fruit trees as well as native plants and trees in both the Backyard Garden and Learning Farm in the next year.

Out on the Kōkua Learning Farm our staff has been busy growing sunflowers, beans, pumpkins and more, as well as preparing rows to mālama this year’s harvest of kalo huli. As this crop grows in we look forward to sharing the next generation of kalo with our schools and communities to plant in the fall.

Farm Link Hawaiʻi has found a new warehouse in Kalihi to expand their packing and distribution services islandwide. It was wonderful having them in the Kōkua Community Center providing our community with farm fresh produce and we look forward to being a North Shore hub once we complete our remodel. In the meantime, Open Kitchen Oʻahu is continuing to use the Kōkua General Store space as a pickup location for their tasty meals to-go. 

Our vision for the Kōkua General Store is create a bulk, refill, low waste, and eco-friendly lifestyle products store for the community. We are busy researching the best products with transparency, traceability, and sustainability as our guiding principles. As always, we are trying to source as many local products as possible! We are excited to provide our community with tools to live a more sustainable lifestyle starting this winter. Stay tuned!