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Kōkua Learning Farm Internship Fun

December 02, 2021

Kōkua Learning Farm Internship Fun

This month the Kōkua Learning Farm interns were very excited to learn cooking skills using fresh produce that they grew! They learned a basic method of cooking greens using oil, garlic, onion, and citrus. They also learned a basic dressing recipe that can be customized and used to dress salads, noodle dishes, or whatever else their hearts (and stomachs) desire! In the week before Thanksgiving, they also learned how to kuʻi fresh kalo into poi and make kalo patties. Mahalo to Daniel, Kōkua Learning Farm Caretaker, for allowing us to use his tūtū kane’s 100 year old papa kuʻi ʻai (board) and for leading the lessons. These cooking skills help to bridge the gap between farm to table and encourages the interns to be lifelong stewards of the land all while feeding themselves and their families close-to-the-source food!