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Plastic Free Hawaiʻi Staff and Local Teachers Visit Ocean Voyage Instituteʻs S/V KWA

September 02, 2020

Welcome back Ocean Voyages Institute! Plastic Free Hawaiʻi staff, along with 7 elementary and intermediate school teachers, greeted the S/V KWAI crew after their 35 days at sea and took a look at the 67 tons of derelict fishing gear collected. The nets, consisting of different types of plastic and heavily degraded from floating in the marine environment, were intertwined and nearly impossible to sort through. We chatted about solutions to derelict fishing gear and why it is so important to remove these nets out of the marine environment, which not only protects marine life from entanglement, but also helps keep microfibers from shedding as the nets break apart. Looking further upstream at the source, we talked about supporting local, sustainable fisheries and supporting programs that help fisheries properly dispose of their nets once they reach their end of life, like Bureo. A big Mahalo to Ocean Voyages Institute for all that you do to clean up our oceans, and for putting stewardship into action! Learning more about Ocean Voyages Institute and Bureo would make a great online school project, donʻt you think?