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Vote 4 Aloha

August 04, 2020

Mahalo to Kanu Hawai’i for creating the VOTE 4 ALOHA campaign, an effort to increase voter participation in Hawai’i in both the 2020 Primary and General Elections held this fall. As engaged community members, we know you can effectively use the power of your voice to engage your friends, family, neighbors, and followers in this movement.  KHF is joining Kanu Hawaii in challenging YOU to help encourage voter participation by sharing what it means to VOTE 4 ALOHA.  Aloha can be expressed in many forms; please kōkua in voting in the upcoming primary election this Saturday August 8th.

Ballots for Hawaii’s first statewide vote-by-mail primary election are recommended to be mailed in by TODAY, August 3rd. Read the tips below to make sure your vote is counted! Visit Kanu Hawaiʻi for more information. ⁣

✅Review your ballot and candidates to decide who you want to vote for. Take your time to make an informed decision. You can find candidate information in Kai Wai Ola’s July issue, “Becoming an Educated Voter”

✅Use blue or black ink only. Do not use white out. Contact the Elections Office if you need a replacement ballot⁣

✅You must choose ONE political party only (page 1). If you select candidates from differing political parties, your votes will be disqualified⁣

✅County and OHA races (page 2) are non-partisan, vote in each race⁣

✅Sign your ballot envelope⁣

✅Return by mail (no postage necessary). Ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on August 8th, and we recommend dropping your ballot in the mail no later than August 3rd⁣