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Youth Advocacy: SEEQS

March 23, 2018

Lucy and Abby, two 8th graders at the School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability (SEEQS), wanted to do something about plastic straws. They started a project called “Straw Strike: Straws that Suck,” an initiative to get people to stop using plastic straws. They started their project by making bracelets out of plastic straws, even getting Moku Kitchen to donate their remaining inventory of plastic straws when the restaurant switched to paper straws. The girls however realized that making bracelets out of plastic straws would only contribute to the problem of plastic straws entering the waste stream and possibly the environment. Their solution? Lucy and Abby decided to make pouches with a clasp that protect reusable silicone straws so you can put a straw in the pouch and put it around your wrist! On top of being an easy way to remember your reusable straw, they hope that the bracelet will be a conversation starter to talk about plastic pollution and protecting our ocean.