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PDE3 ʻĀINA In Schools Curriculum Training for Educators

Kōkua Hawaii Foundation is pleased to offer an ʻĀINA In Schools Curriculum Training for Educators interested in integrating nutrition education, garden-based learning, and composting into their classroom lessons. All lessons are standards-based utilizing Hawaii Core Standards in English Language Arts, Health, Mathematics and/or Science, Nā Hopena Aʻo (HĀ), ʻĀina Aloha Competencies, and/or General Learner Outcomes (GLOs).  

  • ʻĀINA Nutrition Lessons integrate the following themes: protective foods with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, energy foods with whole grains, body-building foods with protein and calcium, brain foods with high quality fats, caution foods that are high in sugar, fat, and salt, evaluating foods by reading food labels and finding “red flag” ingredients, and considering the environmental impacts of our food choices. The workshop will include preparing some of the healthy snacks that accompany each lesson.
  • ʻĀINA Garden Lessons integrate the following topics: habitats, plant and animal life cycles, plant parts, observations and measurement, creating hypotheses and developing experiments, traditional Hawaiian food plants, Hawaiian endemic and Polynesian introduced plants, Native American and colonial gardens, and sustainability. 
  • ʻĀINA Compost Lessons integrate the following topics: the nutrient cycle, decomposition, microorganisms, waste reduction, and sustainability. 

This course is open to all K-6 teachers and will be a hybrid model with in-person sessions held on Oʻahu. In all virtual sessions, participants will be expected to engage via video-conferencing (Zoom) and collaborative documents (e.g. Google Docs). The course fee is $100.

Complete your registration in 3 simple steps:

  1. Go (PDE3) and add yourself to the wait-list *NOTE you will be removed from the waitlist if your payment is not received within two (2) weeks.
  2. Go to & make the $100 payment 
  3. Once payment is received, you will be moved from the  “Wait-List” to “Registered” on PDE3 and your enrollment will be confirmed via email.