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Plastic Free Hawai‘i provides resources, tools, and trainings to educate schools, business partners, and community members about the environmental and health benefits of going plastic free to minimize single-use plastics in our islands. The program supports communities and schools in coordinating beach cleanups, film screenings, and docent trainings to deliver Plastic Free Hawaiʻi educational presentations.

Nearly 1,456 volunteers have participated in Beach Cleanups helping to keep our beaches plastic-free! In addition, movie screenings, upcycled t-shirt tote bag making, Plastic Free PSA’s and a visit from Captain Charles Moore have been keeping our schools and communities busy spreading the plastic free message.

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Plastic Free Hawaiʻi Plastic Free Hawaiʻi


Aug 31, 2016

Plastic-Free School Lunch Guide: Alternatives to Ziplocs,...

Doorae Shin, Waste Reduction Coordinator, Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation

As we work towards reducing single-use plastics from our daily lives, we can look to the plethora of alternatives to Ziploc and other plastic bags for packing lunches and snacks. See some of our options below, and take note that these convenient reusable bags can be used to...

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